Progressive Polish courses crafted for individuals and small groups

Angielski Krakow Spoko Polish

Want to learn Polish language? Bad experiences with other courses? Feeling intimidated about starting?

Spoko Polish is a progressive language school serving contemporary spoken Polish in innovative and accessible ways! At Spoko Polish we offer friendly, student-focused, lessons crafted with innovative modern techniques to make learning Polish an enjoyable quest. We focus on deconstructing complex concepts and feeding them to you in digestible chunks, providing the best effort-to-results ratio. Whether you’ve been struggling with many different schools and courses or you’re completely new to this language,  our aim is for you to get a hang of the structure of the language more easily and get to SPEAK Polish soon.

We offer individual lessons or small groups classes of people with matched language backgrounds. Lessons take can take place within your workplace, online or another suitable location in central Krakow or Poznań.

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