English teacher

Angielski Krakow (Zdalnie) Private

Hi, my name is Buhle Mbande and I am a qualified English teacher as well as a native speaker from South Africa. I currently work at York school of English, a language centre in Krakow but I’m looking to take up some private students in the holiday time. I thrive in conversational classes because of my sense of humour and my conversational skills, I add a lot of content to a lesson because i can talk about many things. We can talk about life, sport, politics, philosophy, religion, debate on certain topics or we can just kick back and have a laugh about our personal lives 🙂 . You’re guaranteed to enjoy the lessons. It doesnt stop there though, I am also well educated in Grammar, Punctuation and Vocabulary and i can teach them effectively. I have tons of virtual textboooks from my school ranging from A2 to C1 levels to prepare elaborate lessons from so you can tell me what you’d like to learn and we will get into that, or i can prepare something for you. I’m flexible and will always show up for classes in time, and communicate in good time If i can’t. If you are interested, you can SMS me on +48 571 414 799 or Email me at Buhlembande@gmail.com and I will most definitely get back to you 🙂

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