Canadian Language School

Angielski Krakow (Zdalnie) Canadian Language School

Hi, my name is Artem, and I grew up in Canada.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from York University. I earned my TESOL/TESL/TEFL Certification from Oxford Seminars in Toronto. I’m currently pursuing a Master’s in Communication Management from the University of Wroclaw. With these qualifications and experiences, I’m excited about language teaching.

I have worked as a freelance English teacher at several language schools in Germany, including Inlingua Düsseldorf, Arena Lingua GmbH, Berlitz Sprachschule Köln/Bonn, and Linguarama Spracheninstitut GmbH. I have also taught corporate business classes at Bayer AG, Parker Hannifin GmbH, FinTech Group AG, and KfW. Since moving to Poland, I’ve worked with students from Orlen S.A., AGH University, and Jaguar Land Rover Poland. Additionally, I have taught STANAG Military English and FCE/IELTS preparation courses.

I teach General, Business, and Conversational English from B1 to C2 levels. I also prepare students for FCE, IELTS TOEIC certificates, as well as job interviews.

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