Business English lessons from UK native speaker

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Do you want to stand up in front of a room and speak confidently in english no matter who’s in the audience? Do you want your business writing to be clear, well-written, and interesting?

I can help you reach your goals, whether they are to gain confidence, improve the flow of your writing, or to produce documents that impress your readers, even for specialist careers such as IT, finance, law, PR and more. If you need interview or CV coaching, I can help you present yourself professionally and clearly, having recruited people and hired firms professionally.

As a communication professional I spent years travelling around the UK helping specialists write documents and communicate with general audiences, developing and delivering personalised training courses to professionals at all levels, as well as speaking and presenting at national and international conferences and seminars.

I have a B.Eng degree from the University of Leeds, as well as professional qualifications in project management, program management, and more.

Having worked in roles in academic, government, IT, healthcare, travel businesses, and more, I have experience, skills, knowledge, and most of all a passion for helping people just like you to build a solid foundation.

Based in the centre of Warsaw, I can provide face to face lessons or online via Skype, and will issue invoices for all work.

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