About us

Sometimes finding the right foreign language teacher can be difficult. Surfing the net, comparing prices, reading the various comments and making sense of all that infromation is never easy.

We make sure that access to the best teachers is as comfortable and as fast as possible. MyLektor is a portal which connects students and language schools with teachers. Everything you need is all in the one place.

Do you run a language school?

Specify exactly who you’re looking for, your expectations and conditions. Build new relations with teachers and the best possible team for your language school.

Are you a teacher?

Advertise your services, describe your interests and specialisations – let students and language schools come to you. Make new contacts and expand your client base thanks to the MyLektor website.

Are you looking for a teacher?

Choose an appropriate teacher from our extensive database. MyLektor also allows you to find teachers by posting an announcement on our noticeboard for whichever language you may require. Simply write your expectations and preferences.